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We are building two courses right now.

One for couples that want to turn around their relationship, and one for singles that want to achieve a long term loving relationship.

Relationship Turnaround
Pattern Dissolution
for Singles
for Couples

Relationship Restart

Achieve Life Goals

For couples that have serious problems with each other.

We support you intesively to re-start your relationship with our app based and community supported online course.

Learn how relationship works und how you can re-write the story of your relationship. Train your relationship skills and couple related emotional intelligence with our app. Rejoin with your partner on a significantly higher level of trust, intimacy, and safety. Who wants to be on the first batch of the course and profit from a 50% disount on the reduced starter price, registers on the list (nonbinding to buy).

For singles that keep failing in the same way, following in love with the wrong type of person and start doubting the myth of "with the next everything changes".

Learn how relationships work and what keeps going wrong in your case. Go through the course material, train with our tasks and material, discuss and get coaching in our online sharing sessions and reach your relationship related life goals. Who wants to be on the first batch of the course and profit from a 50% disount on the reduced starter price, registers on the list (nonbinding to buy).

Register for the list, if you want to profit from a

Register for the list, if you want to profit from a

50% disocunt on the already reduced introduction price!

50% disocunt on the already reduced introduction price!

(one Email is sufficient for one couple)

Our Method


Understanding, what is going on is already half of the solution. We teach the lates insights from psychology, sociology, neurology and couple therapy in online courses, tasks and quizzes. To deepen understanding we dicuss the course content in online sessions. In addition you can join online learning groups, where you can help each other understanding the content and learn together.


Real change is only possible with new experiences. We offer a environment where safe experiences are possible. We offer indicator based trainings and frequent feedback. We support this training through apps, that you can use in your everydaylife.


Weekly coachings and encouraging online sharing group meetings help you to really stay in the work mode and keeps on the right track through guidance when problems occur. The course material brings you into work quickly. The work will bring up new questions and failure that motivate you to learn more.

As a result you will experience significant changes.

Our Mission

Humanness heals Society.

Our goal is to make the best knowledge of psychology, sociology, neuro science, and couple therapy available to everyone.

The more people learn how to relate and love the more connectivity and humanity we will see in the world.

Where is the Love?

What's wrong with the world mama?
People live like aint got no mamas.

Black Eyed Peas. 2010

We change the world: one heart at a time. Sometimes two.

The Team

Dr. Susan Campbell

"I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with many people through e-learning and the digital possibilities."

Having her PhD. in clinical Psychology Susan worked for more then 55 years very successfully with couples. She wrote 11 books on relationships and taught at renown institutions like Stanford Universit├Ąt.

Dr. John Grey

"What I love most about Learning Love 24 is the opportunity to use apps to train and improve relationships every day."

As a doctor of psychology, John has worked successfully with couples for more than 40 years. He is the author of 3 books and has also taught in prestigious institutions such as Stanford University.

Dr. Volker Siems

"I founded Learning Love 24, because I went through a radical change process in terms of relationship skills.

Having his PhD. in anthropology Volker brings the sociological point of view into the team. As a product developer has successfully built digital systems in various areas.

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